Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is Coming!....sort of

Wow! I can almost smell the spring air as I look over snowbanks....yeah, I guess that's Northern Maine livin'.

I can't believe I have a month and  half left of my first year of nursing school! It has been the most challenging thing I've ever faced academically. I have been challenged every step of the way, had my ups and downs, and sometimes I just wanted to throw in the towel...but I didn't! I'm just chugging along and doing the best I can, and that will have to be good enough, eh?

In the spirit of Spring coming and me always wanting to make healthier changes in my life (some are successful, others not so much, but the effort is there) I have decided to do a 6 week "Life Boosting" program through NutriBullet (from the makers of Magic Bullet). I love the product itself because it's SO easy to clean by hand. I have no dishwasher so it was intimidating to me to buy a juicer or blender because of the bulkiness and the fact that there are many (sometimes hard-to-reach) places to clean. Anyway, I saw the ad for the NutriBullet and I was like, "hey, why not?? It looks to be the size and simplicity I'm looking for!"

So at the moment (while I type this and think of things to say) I am looking at all the recipes that will need to be made ahead of time (because of my crazy nursing-school schedule) and yes, I am intimidated. But, I'm willing to give anything that sounds logical and nutritionally sound a try!

Another challenge will be finding some of the ingredients listed in the recipes as I don't think they are sold this far north of nowhere. ;)

I will try to update at least once a week.


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