Monday, November 5, 2012

Temporary Dietary Change & New Recipes

So here we are! It's November!

And with the change in the month, I have already made a few changes of my own! I have decided to not eat meat until Thanksgiving. What's prompting this change, you ask? A few things.
1) I'm trying to cut down on my grease intake (and for me, eating meat = eating grease)
2) Trying to be more disciplined in life (in general) and I could use a challenge...because apparently nursing school isn't hard enough???
3) This is part of the continuous effort on my part to try new things all the time :)
And don't worry, I know about nutrition so I'll be sure to get my balance.

Also in November, I have tried two new recipes! 

*One of them is crock-pot mac&cheese, but without pre-cooking the macaroni! You literally just throw everything in and let it cook for 2.5 hours (the recipe said 3-4). Click HERE to check out the recipe! (Note: I also omitted the egg...not a fan of custard-type foods.)

*The second recipe is called "Creamy Avocado Pasta!" I thought it was good although I would use a bit less garlic and lemon juice...but that's just my personal taste preference. I would make it again :) Also, I felt it was healthier in a way too, there wasn't cream or anything heavy in it and it wasn't a red sauce (for those that know me, not a fan of red sauce). Click HERE to check out this recipe!

Nursing school is plugging along. I feel like time is dragging by...I wish it would pick up a bit! Usually when things are crazy and you're crazy busy, time flies, right? Not for this woman...

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the recipes! (The Mac&Cheese is SO convenient!)