Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Week!

It is now that I am truly thankful for lazy rainy Sundays.

This past week was quite a challenge for me physically and mentally! Lack of sleep, lots of appointments with different doctors and people, crazy assignments/quizzes/exams/and activities all due the same day, new info coming in about YLX-Scotland, and then add in every day life stuff and I have a big week!

This week looks to be calmer and sadly, I have nothing planned this weekend. We were supposed to go to camp with the middle school students this upcoming weekend for WyldLife, but no one signed up! They are all saving their money to go to summer camp :) (summer camp ROCKS!)

Things are moving very quickly with YLX- Scotland (YLX= Young Life Expeditions). I have to get a support letter drafted very soon (I'm a bit behind) and my lists finalized. I also found out that I am flying out of JFK to Heathrow Airport in London, alone. That's fine and I will be meeting up with the rest of the group when I fly into London and from there we will fly to Edinburgh. (I also made a mental note to ask the Trip Leader to NOT put me in the middle or inside seat!!! o.O;)

I have also begun to read the Bible in Chronological order. I love it so far! If I follow the reading plan, I will read the Bible in one year! Sweet!  

I thank the Lord for keeping me sane through the process that we call "life" and that he continues to bless my life and make me a better woman. :)