Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scotland, Quickly Approaching!

Yes, the title of this blog entry is very true! Tuesday was our last conference call with the group and I'm wicked excited about going (with a side of nervousness, of course. lol!!)

Life is going pretty well right now! I feel like I'm ready for some new changes (maybe when I get home from Scotland, that's going to be big enough for the time-being). I'm very interested to see what else God has in store for me this summer. It may be nothing more than what I already have planned or he may throw something in... you never know.

I've done some fun and cool stuff this summer. Along with working full-time (and getting some cash-flow again) I have gone on a couple of hikes! The last one we hiked was awesome and was a little more difficult than my first hike, but I did it! After we hiked, we went to a state park and swam in the nice cold water! and when I say was cold, but so refreshing!

Please be praying for me and my fellow teammates as we prepare to go on this trip for God. Please pray for me to stay calm and not let my nerves run over me! Also, pray that I have more opportunities to be active outdoors this summer.

Have a great 4th of July! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life's So Good!

I've been getting more information from the Trip Leader about our expedition to Scotland! I've got butterflies already in my stomach! :) My support has been raised by the grace of God! This is definitely confirming that this is where God wants me right now. I can't wait to see what he is going to do with us in Scotland!

I am also working full-time at the medical office. Thank you Lord! I am so thankful for the job this summer and the willingness of my boss to let me take the time off for Scotland and summer camp, however there are hurdles in this job that I did not foresee.
1) I sit for 8 hours a day. It is literally killing me. My bones constantly hurt now, I have neck tension almost all the time, my knees and back also kill (and I went to PT for 4 months and I don't want to undo all the work that was done!) Some people can sit for that long...I cannot. I take breaks, but I feel it's not enough!
2) The office staff
3)The full meaning of working 40 hours a week, I have had to totally rearrange my appointments with doctors and times to do things. It's okay, it's just taking some getting used to after being on "college-time" for 2 years...

So that's that with work. Prayers for patience and pain-free days would be much appreciated. :)

Even though I'm not in school right now, I have been learning so much about different things, it's so wonderful! I pray that I NEVER stop learning!!! It's almost addicting, but in a good way ;)

I am continuing my journey in living a healthier life. I've had a couple set-backs in regards to exercising (it's either rain or extreme humidity) so walking isn't very good... my knee has also been another hindrance. BUT, I recently went on a 3 mile hike and I DID IT!! (and didn't die!)  That is a big hurdle and I am thrilled I did it! :)

Food-wise, I still don't eat things with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) unless given to me. Honestly, the stuff that has it, is wicked sweet (if a dessert.) Also, it's getting a little tough to not drink straight soda (as opposed to soda in alcohol)...I really get these cravings to Mountain Dew: Code Red that I really have to resist!!
HFCS free- 8 months
Straight soda free- 15 months

Life is so good right now! :) It has it's challenges, ups and downs, zigs and zags, but knowing God has your back and that he is always taking care of you is a comforting thing!!