Thursday, March 15, 2012

Semester Update

This semester is going okay so far. I'm taking an online class for the first time. I like it in the sense that I can do things ahead of time and I am sort of at my own pace, except when things are due. My Anatomy and Physiology II class is going okay too. I like it better than the first half of the class last semester. I feel like now we're getting into the good stuff with body systems and organs :)

My grandmother is moving. That's a hard one to swallow. She's been in her house for over fifty years! Her cat is going with her, which is a good thing...I guess. I really don't like that cat. I love animals and I love her cat as an animal, but I dislike the cat's attitude.

Change happens in life. Sometimes change happens all at once, sometimes it trickles in and out of your life. But change is there.

Spring is here! (speaking of changes lol) I have exchanged my winter-flannel sheets to regular sheets! Yay! I've been able to open the windows in the house and my car while driving and it feels wonderful!

Please be praying for my friend's mom. She has cancer and is going through the process to get better. It's not easy to go through for the patient and the family. Pray for healing in mind, body, and soul. <3


My kitty is waiting expectantly for spring!