Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year & Almost Time to Go Back to Reality

I was basically successful with my "no meat eating" for November. I stopped at Thanksgiving when my sister came up. I messed up three times and they were all innocent mistakes! I grabbed a buffalo chicken salad and after eating it I realized that the salad had chicken...I was thinking healthy! I forgot the other two times, but eh I'd call the diet change a success. :)

I ended my first semester of nursing school with all "B's." No complaints here!

I've been down home now for two weeks. In summary, it's been great! It's been filled with friends, family, and laughter. I have also had a good dose of relaxation the past few days...part of that was due to my truck being in the shop and I had no transportation. I've been out to my favorite restaurants which has been oh so delicious. I've done lots of shopping and I still have more to do! It's bitter sweet to go back up home (down home is CT, up home is ME). I love being here, but I sorta miss my routine and independence as well as my cousins.

I'm split between being excited for school to start back up and being terrified. I'll let you know as the semester progresses. To be continued...

New Years Resolution

I am going to (once again) move towards a "healthier happier" me. I have already gained confidence (and weight) over the past four months and now I want to move in a direction of taking care of myself...which is honestly really hard while in nursing school. It might sound surprising and you might say, "You're in nursing school and you're learning about being healthy so why is it hard?" Being in this school involves countless hours of sitting, hunched over a computer, book, or notes and sitting in long classes. At the end of the day it is extremely hard for me to want to do something active and very hard to avoid the comfort food.

But, as Alison Sweeney said on The Today show, "Take it day by day! If you mess up today, try again tomorrow!"

So there you have it! My New Year update! :)
Love to my friends and family! <3

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